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EP 62 (Hell’s boys!)

Mike and Bruce rally the troops and head into Mignola territory for this our 62nd episode of The Break-Ins!

Season of the witch; Mike’s favorite Halloween movie and Bruce’s favorite Nic Cage movie.


Summer Glau is not attractive. She’s almost a toad… perhaps the real life Abe Sapian and Mike is still attracted to her. Ew.

What would a black and white Hellboy look like?

Mike is lucky in love and finding sweet comics for cheap! Cable and Deadpool for 50 cents!


We talk about the prizes of our collections. What means the most to us verses what’s worth the most.

We even talk a bit about the origin’s of Cable.

The many erotic looks of Wolverine and Venom by Sam Keith!

Comics may try to grow up with us but we grow in different directions than comics predict. Keep trying comics. Keep trying.

Neither Mike or Bruce have anything negative to say about Hellboy; the midnight circus… except it should not be anyone’s first Hellboy book.

Bruce has things that are worth money but does not know where they are… damn.

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.

We find out why Bruce gave up on Fables… and why Mike thinks that compares to Dragon Ball-Z at all.

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