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EP25 (Hope on a gurney/ Harley Quinn Grabs my money box)

It’s our post-Cincinnati Comic Expo-podcast & it’s a two parter! Who saw that coming?

We cover the origins of our invite to southern Ohio’s greatest expo, how not to carry things to a car, architects & their hate of the independents, why Justin is considered a cheap whore by our asshole contemporaries, & changes for next years Cincy Comic Expo!


Check back next week for part two of this exciting podcast experiment… We talk about milkshakes, Batman, Captain America’s texture & my writing debut!


  1. October, 2012

    As happens from time to time I do need to crecrot one thing I mentioned. Although Dr. Death was the first Batman villain to appear in more than one issue of Detective Comics, he appeared in issues 29 and 30, not 35 as I mentioned on the show. The next villain to appear in more than one issue was the vampire known as The Monk who appeared in Detective Comics 31 and 32. Hugo Strange first appeared in Detective Comics 36 and later in Batman 1.

  2. March, 2013

    i was harley quinn!

    so cute. hope you guys are back this year. i’d help yall carry that moneies again :) ~

    • March, 2013

      Thanks Elenora!

      We will be back this year. See you in September!!!

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