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EP28 (“Thanks for everyone” or keep your 12 & 13′s where i can see them)

It would be easy to say that this episode is about Justin’s mom Judy & what she meant to him & his work. It would be so simple to say we talked about how she inspired, motivated & scared him a little into working his ass off on some great comics over the years. All of that is true but in typical Break-Ins fashion we trailed off occasionally & stumbled into nonsense as much as heart-felt sentiment. We are human.

This episode: Bruce laughs at inappropriate moments to re-leave tension, the guys discuss the emotional significance of Justin’s work, they mention Jar-Jar/Nazi & other posters that would never sell and Justin makes the world greatest slip-up when he says “Thanks for everyone”. Maybe i read to much into that, but it moved me. We should all be thankful for each other.


This podcast is brought to you by Sunny Smiles Gummy Peach Rings: They want to SHAKE your tree!


  1. October, 2012

    hola justine, does it have the emotion for the prguoole as it does for the rest of the casts? my heart for you feels sad.

    • October, 2012

      Thank you, Jan. It is close to a year since my mom died, and it’s not really easier.

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