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EP32 (Reach for the sky Scott DM Simmons!/Crossed Jesus & Dracula’s armor!)

Bring back Sliders as a comic already! IDW, I’m looking at you…

In this 32nd episode of the Podcast that just doesn’t know when to quit; Bruce, Mike & Justin talk to the most evil man in comics… Scott DM Simmons! We discusses headphones, Scott & Mike’s cannibal past, how no one grows up in the shadow of the Hall of Justice anymore & ask why Wilfred Brimley doesn’t do any motion capture work?

Between arguing over The Punisher vs Rorschach & how many glory holes there are on Skywalker Ranch we learn so much about our brave hosts & even braver guest… like; did you know that Scott has a “bust” collection? Well now you do! To find out even more about Scot & his deceptively clean style go to While your there check out your next favorite comic, the Knights of Power!

Check out The Break-Ins on Facebook here! When we hit 75 something amazing will happen. Amazing.


It’s Mike’s 7th episode ever & he was the one to suggest the podcast in the first place!


  1. March, 2013

    scott, i bought a poster from you three years ago. it was a storm trooper. i damaged it. can i replace it cheap?

    • March, 2013

      I’ll let Scott know your looking for him but the best way to track him down is through Facebook…

  2. April, 2013

    Has Scott a new website? I can not for find him pictures anywhere

  3. April, 2013

    Yes, I love Scott! SuperMom rocks!

  4. April, 2013

    Do you know what email he’s on? i would like a commission

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