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EP37 (The yawning man / The age of villany)

The Break-Ins review The Dark Knight Rises! Bruce is negative, Justin is positive. They both get confused over names, details & over half the movies gets forgotten! No one is respected… Bruce runs a half-ass pole about the origin of Superman. Justin argues that the timeline of Nolan’s Batman movie is not horse shit & we seriously debate how old the character Bane would be in the movie. In between this, that & a man falling asleep slowly they also talk about Star Trek & Sherlock Holmes. It’s The Break-Ins episode 37!


We miss you Mike, wherever you are…

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Spock’s brother for the win!


  1. September, 2012

    Wow I love the new site Bruce!

    • September, 2012

      Thanks Ryan! It’s still under construction but almost working as intended. Almost.

    • October, 2012

      The new site is pretty neat Bruce . Now all I need to do is become more computer literate ( ha. ha.) It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks but old dogs tend to remember after they crash and burn a few times.

  2. October, 2012

    Stay entertaining, Dayton, yeah boy!

  3. January, 2013

    damn itunes is frustrating

    • February, 2013

      You got that right!

  4. June, 2013

    that is still an awesome bane voice

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