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EP46 (Paint Drying: Part II!)

We are always recording…

Mike, Justin & Bruce ask themselves the question; what if we died in this the fourth volume of issue six of The Break-Ins! Justin admits he is dying but Mike won’t commit… big surprise. Bruce threatens to kill Mike so many times this episode… So consider this a tribute to tributes to the dead. It’s funnier that way!


While Bruce is purely motivated by spite Justin admits that he lacks the motivation to ever finish his comics so Bruce & Mike should do it for him. Wow. Things lighten up as we talk over all the dead Bat-kids in comics, cancelled cartoons & that leads us to our NEW weekly Green Lantern update! Can you really get to much of a good thing?!?

Don’t miss out monthly name drop of Scott D. M. Simmons!

Mike & Bruce will be at the Gem City Comic Con March 23rd & 24th. Mention this podcast & Mike just might go home with you. Might.

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  1. April, 2013

    I knew this episode might not get a ton of comments, but this is insane.

    • April, 2013

      57 listeners at of April 4th.

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