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EP49 (What else we got?)

Mike is now a man!

In this amazing episode; We discuss Justin’s ever shrinking hands,Mike finally watches a movie that’s 15 years old, creates a female planet for Star Trek (we all three talk about ST:TNG way to much). Bruce argues that the alien in Super8 is evil and adorable, Mike & Justin talk about the DC Comics mini-movies & how they love them and then review each & every one of them… all of that is just in the first 15 minutes!


What if the JLA all got together & had kids? The Break-Ins review “Jupiter’s Legacy” & we find out that Mike watches a bit to much of the CW. Spoiler; 2 of us will not be buying the 2nd issue…

We then discuss Copyright Laws (because they are exciting)! Will Superman ever be of the people?

Almost forgot the last commercial break… damn. Check out mike’s tumblr!

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.


  1. May, 2013

    Who was singing in the beginning there?

    • May, 2013

      The Gaslight Anthem. It’s a song called Mae off their latest album.

      Thanks for listening!

  2. August, 2013


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