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EP50 (We are the Brok-ens!)

After doing this over 50 times we finally confuse Mike by recording a podcast… it gets crazy, weird & a little cross dimensional… It’s The Break-Ins! All of us (alright, a version of us) discuss the Justice League movie & the third annual Drexel Comic & Sex Toy Convention! This part has to be heard to believed…

Special thanks to Scot D.M. Simmons, Chris Pritchard & Ryan Drake!

In other news; Will we ever release the worst sounding podcast ever? Do you care? How is it always about sadness & acceptance with us? And Justin has the best line ever “He just what himself”!


Special sketch by Justin to celebrate this milestone in our tiny lives. Woot.
Episode 50!

We ask the tough questions… Why are people listening? Are we even listening to each other? How is Mike like a trany prom queen? We find out some obvious stuff as well; Bruce is mean and Justin is defeated. Mike pays a bit more attention to what Bruce says than he should.

We also review the first issue of Bedlam… or at least Mike does. He lives so far away!

It ends quickly… like most things on a Friday night for these guys.

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We also have a Twitter now as well!

Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.


  1. May, 2013


    • May, 2013

      What an odd person to compare us to… Thanks!

  2. May, 2013

    I love the commercial!!! Thanks again, Justin! I still can’t believe the lack of Conflict in this episode! the Alternate Justin sounded nothing like him, Lol! And what a N00b Pick for the Justin League! I Won’t be considering a carreer in acting any time soon…

    • May, 2013

      Ryan, I really enjoyed your impression of me (except liking the New52 books), and also had a good time making a commercial for you.

  3. May, 2013

    who were the “other guys” pretending to be you?

    • May, 2013

      Emma, the three people who impersonated us are:
      Scott Simmons as Bruce
      Ryan Drake as Justin
      Chris Pritchard as Mike

  4. June, 2013

    this was a bad idea. derby!

    • June, 2013

      591 people disagree with you. Derby!

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