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EP55 (Show us your gumption!)

In a time before warp, it starts with a charge and ends with a sigh… Season four, Episode 15.


Pete Rose is living a good life.

A mini “The Wolverine” review, with spoilers!

Mulan came out in 1998. Mike just saw it.

Galaxy Quest; a Star Trek movie?

Bruce loves British TV, Justin watches some movies and Mike does Mike things in his down time.

Then we finally get to the meat of the podcast; race & sex. Boom. We discuss the use of slurs in comics. It gets as deep as it can when three white guys in their early 30s talk about minorities.

Bruce can come up with a reason to Justify anything, Justin has standards. Wow.

Green Lantern did get mentioned again!

Sam Keith should have been a woman.

Justin and Mike are products of Feminism. Bruce is the product of Hill-Billyism.

About an hour of laughs, insight & phobias.

He just doesn’t know.

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