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EP60 (Hunter S. Thompson: Agent of SHIELD!)

What should have been an anniversary episode… We celebrate by swearing!

Mike has done a year of community-service for comics now and as a reward he gets a second child. Congrats my man!


Mike and Bruce kinda’ review Iron Man 3… because Mike lives a year behind us all.

Our old movie review trails over to Identity Thief, Extract and a little bit of King of the Hill!

We end our review session with a little chat about The Black List (Hunter S. Thompson; Agent of SHIELD). It’s awesome.

O.G. (original Guardians (of the Galaxy fan)).

We talk about why Thor worked. ‘Cause the ladies!

Nazi’s; the greatest villains of all time? Which obviously leads into talk of Hellboy and Indiana Jones.

Finally we talk about Agents of SHIELD and why it doesn’t quite work. It’s like the hole in the pants of television.

Bendis; are people fans of him or fans of the characters he writes?

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.

We seriously talk about Robin Hood movies until we get sleepy…

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