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Janurary 23rd 2013

Something like this can be yours for $25.

Madam Xanadu

It’s black ink on a 8.5×11 sheet of cardstock paper.

Leave me a message here of email me at the contact tab on the top of the site. I can make your drawn dreams come true!


  1. January, 2013

    Bet you’d draw a great Inara from Sernity based on this

  2. January, 2013

    awesome work. you color it soon?

    • January, 2013

      Thanks, but no plans to color it anytime at all Vicky. Sorry.

  3. February, 2013

    this is lovely. what do you ink your drawings with?

    • February, 2013

      This one was done with a Micron Pigma 03. I am starting to use a dippen & do some digital inks on the side.

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