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June 27th 2013

I will be at the Derby City Comic Con this Saturday. At table D-51 to be more specific… I will also have the other two Break-Ins with me. It’s going to be awesome!

The first year at Derby i sold an Aquaman print & got rich. The second year i sold a Hellboy print & lost money. This year i have an Adventure Time print & i want to rule the con with it!

I am posting it sideways because i don't want either side to get an unfair upside down/rightside up advantage!

It’s got Jake, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, BMO, Lady Rainicorn, LSP, PB & then all their gender swapped selves… Hell, i even threw in the snail. I. Am. Awesome.

Come to table D-51 this Saturday & i might… just might give you a few bucks off if you mention this post. Might.

I’ve even decided to give the original art for this fine Adventure Time print away to their charity auction. Boom.

In other news; Check out my updated store. It’s slightly fancier & has a few more things floating around in it.

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