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November 4th 2012

Here is a project i just finished for a good friend of mine!

If you are in need of some illustrations like these just drop me a line at contact at bruce o hughes dot com & i could make all your dreams come true for just $75!


  1. November, 2012

    is this all digital?
    does the 75 get us a print or just the files?
    what size – resolution?

    • November, 2012

      It is all digital. I drew/colored it in Photoshop.

      For $75 i give you the files. A print can be arranged depending on size for a small fee. I know a few printers really well & can always get a great deal!

      This was done at the size of a DVD case & at 300dpi. If you needed any specific size i would do the art at those dimensions.

  2. November, 2012

    I want to tell you i love the new site design & have since you changed over. Just been busy. This is some great looking stuff man. excited to see what’s next

  3. May, 2013

    This looks great. Why are you not doing a comic like this?

    • June, 2013

      I just might… if Mike ever gets his shit together!

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