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October 28th 2012

Digital pencils of panel one from the last page of Iron & Ink number two.

Digital pencils.

I know I’ve been dragging my feet on this. But sometimes you have to stop doing what you love to make some money.

Maybe next project I’ll run a Kickstarter for so i can devote more time to it. Who knows…


  1. October, 2012

    I really enjoy the design of this site. It has some genuinely amazing stuff on it!

    Is this photoshop you are drawing in? What resolution do you “pencil” at?

    • October, 2012

      Thank you Amedar!

      That is photoshop & ido my digital pencils at 150 dpi. It’s not nearly high enough to go to print with but i usually just print them out & use a light box to ink over them on some bristol board.

      Again, thanks so much for not only your kind words but also for just checking out the site!

  2. October, 2012

    Show us more behind-the-curtain stuff!

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