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September 4th 2016

Three days later and I have not forgotten I have a website. Who would have thunk it?

I’d like to talk about the evolution of a character. These are a few drawings of the Perceptionist from finite.
She started out a bit more rounded in the hair and face than i intended… then she got lean and buff. Things change.

This was the first drawing of her with the intention of being printed.
(i’m not going to really talk about anything but her head here. Yeah she only has 3 fingers and a toe on her heel. Thats not important for this.) Her hair was rounded. Her face a bit fuller and the eyes “dead”. This didn’t really work for me.

Heres the same drawing but not poorly inked on paper. This one is poorly inked in Manga Studio!
Note the slight differant in the nose. I wanted to push the african ascetic. Her eyes still dont shine the way i wanted and her expression is… missing.

I figured out the problem right after i got 100 or so of those back from the printer. She had no brow!
Here she is in the book. She has a brow and it moves! It instantly gave her an expression. She could not emote! By the way her eyes are modeled on octopus eyes. I like the fact that they are not round pupils. It’s cool.

The further i went into the book the less round her face was.
This oblong shape makes the round shape of the eyeballs stand out more. Also notice her hair continues to lean more and more to one side. Symmetry isn’t natural. People are not perfect. Actually they are often the opposite.

Here she is in the latest (and only the 2nd) issue. Sorry about that.
The shapes in her face are perhaps a bit less feminine than i intended but look at the eyes! They have personality. They are each looking for/at something and relaying info back to her.

It’s all a work in progress.
Somethings get better. Some don’t. You just hope that they don’t get worse.


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