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Clobber! Vance: Sinking Ships

Clobber! Vance is a comic about failure. It was done in a time when I’d just found myself a solo comic creator. I wanted to prove that i could do all the work myself & i think technically i did do that.

I came up with some good ideas, wrote a few catchy lines & even drew some great scenes both intimate & action packed. There are golden nuggets of amazing in this comic but it has a tinge of bitter in it. I was in a bad place when working on most of this & i think it shows.

Take a look for yourself and please leave a comment below telling me if you think I ruined some great ideas.

Click HERE to read Clobber! Vance.

Ideas, lines and greys by Bruce O. Hughes


  1. September, 2012

    whenwill you put up the next part? this is for good?

  2. October, 2012

    Thanks Miaozi! All 108 pages of Clobber are up right now. I do plan on continuing the story soon. I have two more project lined up before that though.

  3. October, 2012

    should it finally arrive, I’ll read the continuation. Some people may like this ending but i do not. Really, I’m not against killing your main character.But to do so in the end is cheap. Far from seriously worth paying for.

  4. October, 2012

    Wallet; Thanks… i think. First i want to say i appreciate you coming to the site & reading one of my comics. Cool. Secondly i dig the fact that you told me you honest opinion. I don’t get that very much. Clobber could have been better. It was a learning experience for me & was done out of bitterness & frustration instead of love & creativity. The next book will be better. I owe these characters & you few readers a better ending.

    • October, 2012

      This is good – God could have been any of them, but love is god so god is love. that was a great idea. Great comic. Thanks for sharing this will us. Have you tried to get it published anywhere yet?

  5. October, 2012

    I give you so much credit for such a piece of art on behalf of all of us who have tried and failed at making our own comic. Credit

  6. October, 2012

    His man, just wanted you to know i loved your comic!

  7. October, 2012

    Ivair; thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it & got what i was going for.

    Andrea; Thank you as well. It’s not easy but it is fun & totally worth it.

    Giese; I love your post! Thanks.

  8. October, 2012

    I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your comics. You going to any cons next year?

    • November, 2012

      Thanks Francesco! As of right now i will be at Gem City & Derby City. Cincinnati may be in the plans as well…

  9. August, 2013

    hell man
    that is one bad way to end a comic
    you got a book two or something

    • August, 2013

      Thanks for reading all the way to the end Ugg! Book two is on the horizon. I have a few more non-Clobber stories to tell before i jump right back into his world.

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