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EP 63 (The Paula Abdul of comics!)

The Break-Ins episode 63 Now Blacker and Sciencer than ever!


Bruce and Mike review the New hot series Black ScIence by Rick Remender, Matel what’s-his-face and Dean Venture…I mean white

Then we get our Apocalypse on and talk X-Men movies and the feared 2 hour X-Force trailer the next movie might be.

Larry Niven taught me how to fight evil aliens.

Finally Sex Criminals review (again!) But with a twist. See we still love the book but are looking for more.

All this sexy deliciousness brought to you by The Break-ins

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.

We have a contest! Give us an iTunes review and Bruce will draw anything for you. Anything.

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