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EP23 (Our horse has a name & it’s Bernie!)

Justin Wasson & Bruce O. Hughes return from the Derby City Comic Con with tales of white teeth, outdated GPSs, our con neighbors, everyone’s inner Nazi artist & the fact that standing can make anyone a powerhouse salesman!


I must also mention the Cincinnati Comic Expo… you are welcome Andrew.


  1. October, 2012

    I was impressed by you guys. both years.

    • October, 2012

      Thank you

  2. October, 2012

    Yeah Sanja, thanks so much!!!

    Just curious; did Mike impress you at all or just Justin & myself?

  3. December, 2012

    Nice share. You guys make this con sound awesome!

  4. January, 2013

    I got this web page from my friend who bought a sketch from Justin. You guys coming back for 2013?

    • January, 2013

      We will be there!

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