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EP34 (Kurt Busick’s cup size / Tom Cruise’s cameo in “Follow that bird”)

Mike, Justin & Bruce once again throw down words with Eric Banister, the purveyor of Derby City Comic Con!

We spend at little over 45 minutes talking about Shawarma, how “Jackie Brown” like our review of the Avengers should be, the ladies & how they just don’t understand sitting thru credits, Justin’s mid-podcast stroke (Scar-Jo!), Iron Man’s own personal Stilt-Man, the clearing of the throat & what it means in the audio only world & we start the countdown to Marvel’s next bankruptcy!

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If you show up to see us at Derby City Comic Con mention this podcast (or the last), Mike will bless your baby maker. He’s a minster of love folks!

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of William T. Riker; the George Carlin of his generation.


  1. October, 2012

    A person could really get used to listening to all four of you.

  2. October, 2012

    Awesome episode here. I’m so glad i listened to your podcast. Thanks for inspiring me to attend the next Derby City Comic Convention. Will you have any romance comics for sale there?

    • October, 2012

      (In my best “Picard”) Beverly, the fifth issue of my next story arc will be romantic, but I doubt that will be out by then.

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