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EP35 (The frog-swallowers union / Now with fake Nova)

Before we sit back & enjoy our Criterion Edition of Armageddon we did a little podcast for & about the fine people at the Derby City Comic Con. This is that podcast…

We start off by realizing that Justin isn’t here. Our hearts go out to him & the fine men & women feeding him today. Since Justin couldn’t make it we decided to talk about his next project in some detail. You can find out a little more about Tim Reisen & Co. right here. We then moved on to Bruce’s sexual lessons of comic book sales; this was a short conversation (obviously). After lieing to Mike about Fabio Moon’s gender-swapping relaunch of G.I. Joe Bruce lied again about the first annual Lou Ferrigno Convention, or the Lou-Con for short.

Seriously though, Mike & Bruce did discuss the big news from Derby City Comic Con as well as The Break-Ins final word on The Cincinnati Comic Expo. Final. So, try & sit thru the dueling sadness of these two lone podcasters as they delve into the sweet sweat of Kurt Busiek & public domain poop.


Also, if you do see us at a convention please ask for reprints of our limited edition prints. It’s cute!

Check out The Break-Ins on Facebook here! When we hit 75 something amazing will happen. Amazing. We also have a Twitter now as well!

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  1. October, 2012

    Thank you so much for doing this. Your hard work and dedication to rereasch is very appreciated.At 12, in a supermarket, I found All in Color for a Dime, read it on a flight to Chicago next day where my mom was taking me to meet some Irish relatives for the first time, and I have been hooked on comics and comic strips ever since!When I was a teenage kid I had quite a few of the books you mention, such as Steranko’s History of the Comics I and II, and Jules Feiffer’s book, as well as Couperie and Horn’s on the History of the Comic Strip. (Ages ago, when those books first came out! I was only a young kid, but my parents were generous in providing me with the reading matter of my choice.)Along the way, when I was in art school and then grubbing a living afterwards, I had to sell those books, but the contents made a huge impression on me, and your detailing the Golden Age heroes such as AirBoy etc. has made this live again!Sorry for the length of this, but I want you to know that your podcasts resonated out here in the vast Internet!

  2. November, 2012

    Hey Bruce! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I’ve emailed Eric about that table (twice now) but still haven’t heard anything back. Super anxious and I know that you guys said that he sold the con to someone else so do I need to email the new owner or just wait?

    • November, 2012

      I’m still waiting to hear back as well. As soon as i hear anything from either Eric or Charles I’ll let you know.

      • November, 2012

        thanks, man! i love the new site and, hey, if you guys ever need a guest for the ‘cast you’ve got friends down here in the jungle of Kentucky!

  3. November, 2012

    It’s just not the same without Justin. Bruce, have you ever met Kurt Busick? Mike, why do you put up with these guys?

    • November, 2012

      Justin was missed & i hope that this episode is the only one he is ever absent for. I have not yet met Kurt Busick, i hope to one day & fully expect to be gut-punched by him. Mike puts with with us because he has no where else to go.

  4. November, 2012

    justin adds so much to these
    never do one without him again
    going to cincinnati this year

  5. November, 2012

    i would totally buy a gender-swap gijoe comic dude! make it happen!

    • November, 2012

      I’ll talk it over with Justin & see what we can do!

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