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EP40 (A fanjob for everyone on May the 20th / “I will eat your eggs, Kirk!”)

We talk Star Wars… for a long, long time.

The tradition of mentioning Zoidberg continues in this episode as we debate who Nic Cage should be to ruin the new trilogy, we wonder if the he first movie will just be a two hour countdown to someone receiving a medal & we learn a bit about analogies. It’s our 40th (but your 39th) episode & we started off way more racist than we intended!

Our Love Boat / Star Wars crossover sounded like the worst idea of the night right up until i mentioned The Little Prince & no one knew what i was talking about. Yikes.


The story ends with the Sarlacc telling the story (all nine movies) to Boba Fett as a bedtime story while he is digested.

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.


  1. December, 2012

    Hello There. I found your podcast using bing looking for suggestions on what order to watch star wars in. This is an extremely funny show, my favorite piece being about mikes fantastic four re-imagining. I will be sure to subscribe!

    • December, 2012

      Thanks Sonny! We are here to help.

      Also, i had no idea we were on Bing. Wow.

  2. December, 2012


    • December, 2012

      Are you talking about our podcasts or the Star Wars movies?

  3. December, 2012

    Bruce, the root of your rant whilst sounding agreeable initially, did not work perfectly with me personally after some time. Somewhere within the hour or so of bitching about CGI this & that you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a short while. I still have got a problem with your jumps in assumptions about the communication and one might do well to fill in those gaps. Seven out of ten on this one guys.

  4. December, 2012

    I was thinking about what you and Mike said about the order. I guess people should watch Episodes IV-VI, then I-III, and then VII-IX. Oh, and since FOX aired Firefly a certain way I’m going to demand people watch the second episode first, the first last, and even skip a few episodes all together. :-) .
    As always, a great time was had.

  5. December, 2012

    It was a fun podcast. We all pushed each others buttons but somehow didn’t kill one another.
    I think we should all watch the films in whichever order we want. I’m not sure how the new sequel trilogy will fit in now. But usually I watch them by trilogy depending on the mood I am in that day.

    Sonny, Thanks for giving us a listen. Listen to the older ones and let us know what you like… or don’t for that matter.

  6. December, 2012

    hi!,I like your podcast so very much! Great personalities. Do you have merchandise?

    • December, 2012

      No “the Break-ins” merchandise yet, but that is something we will discuss in the future.

  7. December, 2012

    This is perfect timing!

    I want to hear you all discuss other movie franchises, like maybe the upcoming Star Trek.

  8. December, 2012

    Chicago, we discussed Star Trek a few episodes ago, but I would gladly do an episode dedicated to talking about every movie. The pros & Khans.

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