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EP44 (Listen to ourselves)

This could have ended in just a minute according to Justin but Episode 44 or Season Four Episode 4 starts with a boom! We sat Farewell to Geoff Johns, we hardly knew about his creepy obsession with colors & the dudes that wore them. We discover that Mike & Bruce are both old men but in drastically different ways and learn how to go grey the comics way!

It’s over forty minutes of Bruce knowing nothing about the Green Lanterns, some kids comic talk (keep them away from comic shops) all while Justin gets in a nap!

Justin disappoints us while reading… manga backwards!


What isn’t there a Netflix for comics?!?

Mike & Bruce will be at the Gem City Comic Con March 23rd & 24th. Mention this podcast & Mike just might go home with you. Might.

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  1. March, 2013


    • March, 2013

      I’m more of a Nova guy…

      • March, 2013

        And we don’t judge you for it Bruce.

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