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EP45 (A Noble–attempt at an–interview)

The boys of the Break-ins sit down with the man behind the Gem City Comic Con.

Discover how one man (actually two) took a couple boxes of comics and turned it into cash cow. You’ll also learn to never trust the Dayton paper in spelling any name correctly. So enjoy close to an hour of laughter, tears, and even some uncomfortableness as Jesse Noble is interviewed the only way we know how.

Justin is one “punny” guy isn’t he?


We are always recording. Always.

Mike & Bruce will be at the Gem City Comic Con March 23rd & 24th. Mention this podcast & Mike just might go home with you. Might.

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  1. March, 2013

    This was a fun interview, and I think we did a great job at keeping it short. Why was Mike so quiet?

    • March, 2013

      I think he was preoccupied thinking about the drive home.

  2. March, 2013

    two tickets sold here to see bruce without a shirt!

    • March, 2013

      Again; I will be selling head shots of my self for $5 & full body pics for $10. The nudes are all $20 & are only of the touristy bits…

  3. March, 2013



    • March, 2013

      James Bond’s Jaws is impressive but so am I.

      Both cons are multiple days. Give them both a shot.

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