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EP47 (the man with one pink tablecloth.)

Bruce is sick-ified, Mike drops some balls & Justin apologizes for over a minute before the podcast even begins… It’s The Break-Ins!


What if Kroger had their own brand of beer? Was Horrorhound really worth it? What do a novelist, Gavin (something) & three unshaven guys have in common? HAve you heard of the new book from Stan Sakai, 27 Dresses?

We answer most of these questions in our 50 minute long review/exploration/love-fest of the Gem City Comic Con! Enjoy!

That was not really Justin at the beginning.

Support the man who supports us all! Chris Pritchard has a small Kickstarter for a medium sized book of big ideas that could use your help. Give him love (and money)!

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.


  1. April, 2013

    Bring justin back!

    • April, 2013


  2. April, 2013

    really enjoyed iron& was unfortunate that mikes time-travel book was not available. what will you all have in Louisville?

    • April, 2013

      Thank you for the kinds words on Iron & Ink.
      Mike & Justin are working out a way to have more Tim Riesen available for the Derby City Comic Con…

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