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EP53 (Philosophical banking!)

It’s a podcast with only two dudes… poorly recorded… and horribly edited; It’s the Break-Ins!


Out Derby City Comic Con review for 2013. The excitement was only at the con this time, we promise! Hear how Bruce almost forgets his much more successful cousin and how Mike remembers everything. Everything.

In other news; Tony Moore now owes Bruce a favor and we all need better parents. Boo hoo.

Now for a list of people we talk about and links to their websites!

Lauren Sparks
Lee Wiley
Markus Vernon
The Sun Brothers
Amanda Gilliam
Scott DM Simmons
Ryan H Drake

This is not the first podcast that Bruce has done pants-less.

The Break-Ins remember getting the internet. We are old.

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Lastly we have a new iTunes page because iTunes is screwy & never answers their emails. Hate.

Then of course it couldn’t be a real episode without Mike mentioning Green Lantern!


  1. July, 2013

    I thought I would add an addendum to this podcast.

    I like the Derby City Comic Con, but my time there was not great. I really enjoyed the ride to and fro, and it was great seeing Ryan, Scott, Sean and Steph. I’m grateful I had a table, but this had the flip side of working against me. Either people would come up and look at me like “Who the hell are you and why are you in Tony Moore’s seat?”, or if they did go by the list they would not notice I was a table behind the table I was supposed to be at. So several people who told me they would come see me did not. I agree that sitting next to the table would have been better, but that wasn’t an option at the time. I did do well (financially), but I could have done better. I didn’t sell a single collection of Tim Reisen and the Chronologists. My Doctor Who print did well, and my UVN friend Michael bought the Back to the Future print in the auction. I did not bring my table cloth–which I removed the day prior–because I didn’t need one, and this caused my table to look more amateurish than a freshman’s first day in high school. As for two days next year: not sure. What is the real cost? Financial vs emotional.

    Bruce: Thanks for the great ride and letting me spot “tall grass”.
    Mike: Thank you for watching my table because of all my bathroom breaks.
    Ryan: You had an amazing table.
    Scott: I loved the Tim drawing. I’m still trying to color it.
    Sean and Steph: Always a pleasure seeing you two.

    Next up: Looking forward to the fantastically awesome Cincy Expo. Where less “Moore” makes it “more” better.

    • August, 2013

      Thanks Justin!

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