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EP51 (Superwaste of Nuclear time!)

The 51st time is the charm! Episode 36 of the Kickstarter Chronicles… some Super talk & such. Bruce , Mike & Justin run down all that’s known about the upcoming Man of Steel movie and then drags us through all the previous Superman movies. They never use the word “Duper”, swear. There needs to be an official time period that you do not have to worry about spoilers before Bruce kills Justin. Also, stupid things do not count. Does it really matter what country actors are from? Bruce still hates Hal Jordan. We predict the ending of a movie we have never seen! Who will be right?


The sports guy Mike was talking about is “Steve Lombard”!

It’s the brain meets the eye with Snyder & Nolan… Who will have more influence?

He’s got a bad case of The Kents!

“It’s too late Luther!”

Bruce is only afraid of things a man should be afraid of. Yep.

Richard Donner gets name checked about 100 times. We have issues.

Seriously we talk about every single Superman movie for over an hour. Remember (with us) what it’s like to believe a man can fly… then throw cellophane from his chest, and fight Richard Pryor & beat up an evil clone of Shadow Stephens… then he abandons his kid.

We all do bad impersonations of each other & hate comics. Boom.

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  1. June, 2013

    not a spoiler after 4 years
    either youve watched it or you havent
    he was helo in bsg

    • June, 2013

      Thanks! I think you spelled your name wrong Skotchie…

  2. June, 2013

    supes3 was the best!

  3. June, 2013

    Are you guys planning on reviewing the new one?

    • June, 2013

      Justin & myself have seen it. I think Mike is waiting for it to come out on laser disk…

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