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Janurary 18th 2013

The Derby City Comic Con is quickly approaching & I do not have an idea for an exclusive print yet…

The first year I did Aquaman riding a sea horse in the Kentucky Derby. This sold out quickly!
Derby City Comic Con print from 2011

The second year was Hellboy beating some Nazis up with a Louisville Slugger. This did not sellout or even well.
Derby City Comic Con print from 2011

So i ask you internet friends; what should i do for this year?!?


  1. January, 2013

    the nazi symbol is wrong

  2. January, 2013

    I discovered your blog using google. I must admit I am floored by your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. January, 2013
  4. March, 2013

    What did you decide?

    • March, 2013

      Adventure Time. For the kids… you know.

  5. July, 2013

    Hi my friend! I want to say both of these are awesome! I’d like to see the Adventure Time print.

    • August, 2013

      Thanks! I’ll see what i can do about uploading the AT print.

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