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Justice, Nevada: Speed Dance

This is probably on of my favorite coloring jobs i have ever done on a comic. This was just a fun little filler comic… i can’t really remember why Eric & myself did it but looking back over it makes me smile.

Take a look for yourself and let me know if it’s at all what I’ve built it up to be in the comments below.

Click HERE to read Justice, Nevada: Speed Dance.

Drawn by Bruce O. Hughes, Written by Bruce O. Hughes and Eric Shonborn


  1. October, 2012

    Great job guys!!1 i am so very proud of you. You have come along way in such a short time. Eric and you need to do more comics. I can’t find the news ones at Mavricks. The deal?? ?

    • January, 2013

      Great script
      Great Drawing
      Great colors
      9.5 out of ten
      could have used some boobs

      • January, 2013

        Wow. Thanks. Wow.

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