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March 4th 2013

I am 6 pages & half a cover into Issue 3 of Iron & Ink. This excites me.

Iron & Ink issue 3 cover

I also want to take some space here & remind people about The Gem City Comic Con. Mike & Myself will be there selling mine & Justin’s wares. Please come out & throw money at us. We will dance.


  1. March, 2013

    that you?

    • March, 2013

      It does look more like me than i wanted it to… damn.

  2. March, 2013

    do you use light box/

    • March, 2013

      I do. I’ve been using a lightbox to ink my digital inks for over 10 years now. It’s so much better then inking over pencils or blue line. Nothing gets between the paper & the pen this way.

  3. March, 2013


    • March, 2013

      Working on it.

  4. March, 2013

    will issue 3 be 4 sale at gem city ?

    • March, 2013

      No. Issue 2 will be though!

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