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November 27th 2012

I am a coward! Or at least i almost was…

A few days ago i posted some rough pencils of my next project. In that post i said i was going to do the project digitally & i did start out that way, then it became difficult.

I couldn’t get the pen pressure right. The angle of the brush was inconsistent with the angle of the pad. I didn’t like how the lines were curving at the tips. What should have been close to a straight line was anything but. It was nasty. So i switched back to paper & pen.

I finished the piece in two hours. Less than half the time it took me to do half of the digital one. I was happy. My wife was not.

I showed her the two versions. The pen & paper first then the digital a few minutes later. She instantly told me the digital one was better. She had some fancy terms she used for how the traditional one looked muddy, cluttered, ugly & went against everything i had ever been told by a professional.

I told her she was right. Then i started the digital version over. Here is a taste of the two together.

ink verses digital.

My wife often calls me on my bullshit. That’s one of the many reasons i married her.

Thanks baby!


  1. November, 2012

    I’ll have to see it in person, the animation is making it hard for me to decide.

    • November, 2012

      Damn. The Animation was there to make it easier… I’ll have them on my desk tomorrow… when we podcast!

  2. November, 2012

    Wow, amazing character design! How lengthy have you been drawing for? you make this all look easy. The overall design of your website is magnificent, let alone the comics!

    Consider me a fan of yours.

    • November, 2012

      Thanks so much Arthur!

  3. November, 2012

    I have seen some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.

    I wonder if you could tell us what program you are doing your digital work in?

    • November, 2012

      Thanks! I’m currently using Manga Studio 4. I like the brush options in it & the file export settings are simple & very forgiving.

  4. December, 2012


    • December, 2012

      The printing costs the same. It’ the time you put into it before printing that differs depending on digital vs hand drawn.

  5. December, 2012

    Super Gif !!

    Which is Which?

    • December, 2012

      The finer more wispy lines are digital. The blocky, muddy mess is done by hand.

  6. April, 2013

    how is thie project coming along?

    • April, 2013

      Slowly… i blame Mike.

  7. May, 2013

    impressive. when will we see pages?

    • May, 2013

      As soon as Mike mans-up!

  8. June, 2013

    Any Update on this project? I have loved you westerns many times over. pLease continue

    • June, 2013

      Thanks Slimm! I have been working on the first issue a bit but am waiting for Mike to get some free time. Did you know he runs a shelter for diabetic pugs out of his mother’s barn?

  9. August, 2013


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