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October 23rd 2012

Working on another project for Dayton’s very own horror movie host, Baron Von Porkchop!


Doing some new things with this one… like this “ghost hand”. I love transparency!

Still a work in progress but very happy with it so far. Here’s hoping i can keep up whit momentum!


  1. October, 2012

    wow its great! realy enjoy your baron stuff!

    • October, 2012

      Moncler; thanks so much! All of the Baron Von Porkchop work is always so much fun.

      • January, 2013

        Great hammer of Thor, that is powerful!

        • January, 2013


  2. October, 2012

    great drawing, I am interested in the coloring, how did you color the hand transparent?

    • October, 2012

      Mrs Baron; Thank you! I drew the hand separate & layed it (as well as the colors of the hand) over the background art in photoshop.

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