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September 1st 2016

I have decided to start updating my site again. You’re welcome.

Let’s start with some comicy goodness! Here is the breakdown of a page from my next comic “finite: episode 2″.

We start with a really rough thumbnail. Really rough. I draw these about 3 inches tall.

Now we throw some math and shapes at it to claen those lines up. I usually handle this in Adobe Illustrator.

Now i grab some still from a 3d world i built. I have the planet in Cinema 4D so that i can get the geography right from ever angle. This saves me time. It’s crazy work up front but worth it. I even built a rough ship and some dudes.

Now i do some rough digital pencils over my shapes in photoshop. This is where all the personality comes thru. Remember this stiff 3d shapes? I dont’…

I take the digital pencils into Manga Studio and ink away. I ink in multiple colors on different layers so that i can color the lines as i see fit for the next step. Speaking of which…

Behold my flat colors! I take care of this back in Photoshop. Only 3 more steps!

Here i have added the shadows and highlights. I just slightly hit at the shapes of things with a light adjustment level for each variation. I’m crazy.

Now some glows. For the suns and such. It makes it a bit more spacey right?

And it’s lettered. There is a whole “write the script part somewhere in here but that’s an update for later.

Good night everybody.

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