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Session 24; Bruce and Mike head down the rabbit hole with Eric Shonborn!

Collected Issues Session 23
Eric gets gansta!


Mike and Eric want Bruce to re-code his DVR.

X-rated Disney stuff. We’re talking about the parks, not the ‘toons people.
“If you can imagine it, we can let you have sex with it!” – Penetration-eer!

Pretty Woman with Kelsey Grammer as the Beast playing Julia Robert’s character. Go.

The Boy Detective Fails! Join the book club.

the Wright brothers; One must be an idiot. “Plank is good”.
For every great man there is a Lenny.

For some reason at minute 16 Bruce and Eric get soft sounding… but then they get better slowly.

Every room at the X-mansion should be personified.

Bruce loves the version of the book that will never exist again. Sad.

Next session; Both Mike and Eric return. Dum, dum, dum!

Music: Get Schwifty by Rick and Morty.

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