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Session 28; Bruce and Mike find out there are no holes for some pegs.

Collected Issues Session 28
We went on for so long.


Skype for the win!

Atomic Robo!

Comixology is not an Amazon product… or is it?

Comics to the world; kill me!

Bruce is the screen capture king.

How underwear works… for the kids.

Bruce is struggling with his western (spoiler, he fixed it later on).

Creeper; ugly and uncomfortable?

Who draws the best Dead Man, Kelly Jones or Neil Adams?

Beauty and the Beast; Sewer love never felt so good.

Memoirs of an Invisible Man. “It’s a great movie!”

Fargo; the show. It’s pretty good too folks.

The Creationist Museum makes anthropologists cry…

Deadpool; better than he was ever supposed to be.

Scott Lobdell, at one time, was amazing. Was.

HEROES; why are you still on? Every season equals less caring.

And now we stop.

Next session; I do not remember.

Music: Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice.

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