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The Red Fox of Kinderhook.

The Red Fox of Kinderhook was thought up for a web comic contest that DC comics once did called Zuda i think… It’s been a while. This was a large idea that literally started with a dream and ended with an argument.

the coloring was my first attempt at a painterly watercolor looking effect. Not bad considering that i originally did it all black & white!

Take a look for yourself and please leave a comment below telling me what you think.

Click HERE to read The Red Fox of Kinderhook.

Drawn by Bruce O. Hughes, Written by Bruce O. Hughes and Eric Shonborn


  1. April, 2013

    this is a good strip. whey the odd size? how did you color it?

    • April, 2013

      Thanks Lucie! This was originally a submission for the DC Zuda program & this was the size they ask for. I colored it in black & white with some inks & dyes. Then i layed down flat colors in Photoshop over that.

  2. May, 2013

    This is the most POWERFUL comic on your site! You and Eric did an amazing job on the characters for this one. I like to imagine it continuing. Any chance of that?

    • May, 2013

      Thanks so much Arlineia! As of right now the story is finished. That doesn’t mean that neither Eric or myself will ever go back to Van Buren or Batt again… just not anytime soon.

  3. August, 2013

    amazing comic.

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