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August 3rd 2013

It’s been a while. Sorry. I’ll try to make it worth it though…

There are two new podcasts since we last spoke!
Episode 53 (Philosophical banking!)
Episode 54 (Ping.Ping.Ping.)

And for now those of you who like art a bit more here is some Hulk pics.

Let’s start with my rough pencils. These are digital. I do most of my roughs in Photoshop now-a-days.
Hulk rough

Here are the finished “inks”. I did these in Manga Studio. I love this program for it’s ink like capabilities.
Hulk inked

These are the flat colors. I took the art back into Photoshop and added the basic tones.
Hulk colors

I added some more elements (breaking DNA & an atomic blasts) to fill out the space. I love stark simplicity but are not capable of pulling it off. I keep trying…
Hulk additions

This pic is after i added some more tones to each color. I like to bring in some darks & lights over the flats to round the objects a bit more. I also threw in a radioactive symbol to really drive home the Hulk’s origin.
Hulk almost final

And this is the finished product. The only change here was me adding a brush-stroke texture. I added it in Photoshop and set it to Overlay. This really bring out such warmth in the colors.
Hulk done

I hope you all enjoy it. I know i had some fun working on it.

By the way, i did this for my 3 year old son. He loves the Hulk & was excited about this!


  1. August, 2013

    cool stuff man.

  2. August, 2013

    Will this be for sale in cincinnait?

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