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EP42 (How to close a file)

It’s volume four, episode two… or season four, or three. Something.

Bruce eats Bugles, Mike brags about being diabetic & Justin shows us how strong his mainstream comics are! It’s taste & finances as we roll into this discussion of why none of us really buy comics anymore. Sad. We also debate how to let a comic shop down as only an old bitter man can. Excitement!


We do, therefore we judge!

Mike & Bruce will be at the Gem City Comic Con March 23rd & 24th. Mention this podcast & get a free hug from either of these bearded men of power.

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  1. January, 2013

    Are you giving Bear hugs?

    • January, 2013


    • January, 2013


    • February, 2013

      Smarter than the average eh Bruce?

  2. February, 2013

    the bat books have been better mike.

  3. February, 2013

    what Got from this episode?
    the Comic Book industry needs new material. It’s just my opinion, but if companies like Marvel and DC began to step outside of their comfort zone and stop saying “Hey buy this comic you’ve read thousands of times before because it’s been re-re-re-re-re-re written” and began to put out NEW material with NEW characters and concepts the field would be so much more succsessful.
    that’s why the world needs innovators!

    • March, 2013

      Well said Ryan. I think that’s why when i do buy a new comic it’s an independent one. There are only so many times i can read about Spider-Man saving Aunt May before i want to kill her myself!

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